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Gig Harbor Culinary Scene is Full of Flavor

Area chefs cook up magic in the kitchen

By Jillian Chandler

Visitors are drawn to Gig Harbor due to the natural beauty and outdoor activities that abound, and the wonderful, kind, generous people who make up our local community. From local shops and boutiques to art galleries, locals and visitors will find anything but ordinary. Add in the multitude of incredible dining establishments, and you’re in for a true treat!

The area is home to one-of-a-kind dining destinations. Locals and visitors alike are sure to find everything from the comforts of home to unexplored flavors you would only expect to find halfway around the world.

The options are endless, from menus that reflect our Pacific Northwest culture and focus on sustainability to everything from New American, Mexican, Caribbean and Asian to Mediterranean and Italian.

From intimate dining experiences to restaurants that offer a lively dining scene with a view overlooking the water, the array of dining options is vast, with options to entice all appetites. Where you choose to dine is up to you!

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